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No. 8 Finish
This is produced in an equivalent manner to a No. 7 Finish, the final operations being done with extremely fine buffing compounds. The final surface is blemish free with a high degree of image clarity, and is the true mirror finish.
Brushed stainless steel comes in various finishes. No. 3 and No. 4 are typical. These finishes are hard to repair when scratches appear. Another brush finish is the HairLine finish. The advantage of this finish is that the grain is continuous and runs the length of the sheet. The importance of continuous long grain HairLine finish is to allow for repair of minor scratches. One can easily repair scratches using the proper grit 80-120 abrasive pads or sandpaper and sand the length of the grain until the scratches are removed.

The surface of Stainless Steel is actually an extremely thin but stable and passive Chromium rich oxide film, on which Stainless Steel relies for its excellent corrosion resistance. The surface finish on Stainless Steel should therefore be developed and maintained to ensure this vital property, and also for the secondary reason of the pleasing aesthetic appearance of Stainless Steel.

Long Grain Finish
This finish was originally developed to help fabricators re-blend the metal once they had to cut, bend, weld and re-polish. This finish is achieved by dragging a Scotch-Brite belt over a fine satin finish which gives the appearance of a straight-line from end to end on a sheet, tube, plate or bar. A fabricator can then grind and belt a finished piece and then match with a Scotch-Brite pad over the metal.

NON Directional Finish
This finish is a vibratory belt finish that has no obvious directional patterns and is great for high contact areas  diluting most noticeable scratching. This finish is categorized by fine, medium and course

Cross-Grain Finish
This is a directional finish which we apply across the width of a sheet or plate. this finish is important whe the architect needs a specific direction on the metal.

Directional Finish
This finish is achieved using a sandpaper belt in one direction along the length of a sheet, plate, tube or bar ranging from a satin finish to mirror.
     No. 3 Finish - 100 grit
     No. 4 Finish - 150 grit
     No. 6 Finish - 160 grit
Non-Direct FineNon-Direct Medium
Mirror #8 Stainless Steel Bar